Triple Shot Colored Styling Cream

Medium Ash Brown
Warm Brown
Dark Brown
Soft Black
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GRAY TARGET TECHNOLOGY: Targets ONLY gray hairs and replaces with subtle tones to match your natural hair color. Use like you would any other hair gel and watch grays disappear instantly

BENEFITS: NO dye added, makes hair appear thicker, all natural, water resistant, strong hold last all day, made in the USA, no white residue, UV protection

APPLY AS NEEDED: Can use a little for a natural salt and pepper look, or apply a bit more and cover all your gray hair for a more youthful look. Work on all hair types

NO COMMITMENT: Unlike long term commitment of hair dye. With our product you simply style hair as normally would and washes out end of day. It’s that easy!

QUALITY: A proven proprietary blend is MADE IN THE USA and has been tested to thicken, strengthen as well as protect.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: If you choose our subscription service you will receive free shipping and a 10% discount. From there you will receive your favorite Kaf product every 45 days. You won't have to worry about placing an order again, we will simply charge your credit card and ship out for you and you can cancel anytime. After your third order your discount will increase to 25% on all orders moving forward. Any questions feel free to reach out at

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael R
Life Changing Not Even Kidding!

I have been using this Kaf for about a week now and no lie it has changed my life!! I suffer from thinning in the front of my hair but when I use the kaf my hair looks luscious and thick. It also styles my hair very well too. As we all know, hair plays a major factor in your confidence level. I've always been a confident guy, but have hated the recent years of going out knowing my hair looks awful and i have balding in the front. I'm so thankful for the Kaf gel and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has any thinning, any discoloration or just wants a great hair gel.

Adam W
Usually Dont Write Reviews

I typically do not write reviews, but this stuff works unbelievably. Would definitely recommend it.

Drew J
Just What Needed!

Starting to have some grays pop up and wanted something could use without commitment of hair dye. This exceeded my expectations and worked amazing! Covered all my grays and use it just like my normal hair gel. Love it customer for life!

Felix T
No More Tough Of Gray!

I ordered this to stop dealing with the hassle of touch of grey and it works perfectly. Easy to apply and stays in all day.

Frank G.
Great Stuff

I have searched for years to find a product that works well for me all year long. Some made it heavy, others sticky, others left a wet sheen. Some even left a residue that would be caked on my hats.
Not this product. It works great, good hold, looks natural.
If you’re like me and keep trying new products and end up with a drawer full of products you used a few times and hated, buy this and stop looking.