Triple Shot Colored Styling Cream

GRAY TARGET TECHNOLOGY: Targets ONLY gray hairs and replaces with subtle tones to match your natural hair color. Use like you would any other hair gel and watch grays disappear instantly

BENEFITS: NO dye added, makes hair appear thicker, all natural, water resistant, strong hold last all day, made in the USA, no white residue, UV protection

APPLY AS NEEDED: Can use a little for a natural salt and pepper look, or apply a bit more and cover all your gray hair for a more youthful look. Work on all hair types

NO COMMITMENT: Unlike long term commitment of hair dye. With our product you simply style hair as normally would and washes out end of day. It’s that easy!

QUALITY: A proven proprietary blend is MADE IN THE USA and has been tested to thicken, strengthen as well as protect.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: If you choose our subscription service you will receive free shipping and a 20% discount. From there you will receive your favorite Kaf product every 45 days. You won't have to worry about placing an order again, we will simply charge your credit card and ship out for you and you can cancel anytime. Any questions feel free to reach out at

Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
C. B.
The Best!

This is a really great product! Effective, easy to use...really no down side!

C. B.
Great Product

Really easy to use, great results...

Craig Barnett
An Essential Grooming Secret

I have used the product for years. I keep my salt and pepper stubble short and neat. Traditional beard dyes have the authenticity of shoe polish. And with stubble, the roots would stand out in days. Kaf allows me to apply as much as I want for the natural graying look each morning in about 3 minutes, so it always looks great.

Steve Morrison
I never thought these stories were true...

Works well with my heavy on the salt, light on the pepper natural hair colour. Is easy to use, looks natural and doesn't stain my furnishings. My only criticism is that it's a little light on the "hold" factor. It has given me all day confidence!

Salt & Pepper - but a little more Salt now!

So my husband is VERY a lucky. He has a full head of hair. When he was younger, it was black. Now that he is in his 60s, it is salt and pepper. This product turned back the hands of time by 15 years. Somehow the silver still shows through while making the over look much, much darker. It is very natural looking! It doesn’t look like it was dyed! Excellent and very unique product for men. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.