Welcome to Kaf Grooming — a bold company with a singular mission: to deliver premium hair products that promote health, confidence, and personal style.

Started by two brothers who felt the men’s (and women’s) grooming market deserved something better, all of Kaf’s products speak to those of us who are willing to take risks, embrace the new, and look good doing it.

Of course, serious style and function begin with quality, and all of our hair products feature a proprietary base-blend, or ‘brew’, as we like to call it, of rejuvenating active botanicals. We’ve added Loquat leaf extract for thickness, caffeine to stimulate follicles, and an antioxidant complex to defend against daily environmental stress.

Though the Kaf grooming line includes more than a dozen unique care and styling essentials, our launch features a pair of flagship products that are available online and in select barbershops and salons.

The first item in our premium selection is American Select, a styling cream of uncommon versatility (just like the good old U. S. of A.). It delivers a medium-to-full buildable hold with a vibrant shine for use by all hair types and textures.
The other styling product, Supreme Brew, is a pomade of devilish subtly. It offers a superior hold and yet presents a clean, dry-gloss finish that screams healthy and strong.

Both American Select and Supreme Brew add the “Full Effect” to your hair and, between the two, other styling products just can’t hold up. You can check out full details in the products section.

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Kaf grooming. You’ll feel the difference right away. Everyone else will see it.

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— The Kaf grooming team