June 08, 2018

Wearing a suit is one of the most stylish fashion statements a man can make. Don't get me wrong I know everyone loves their Levi's and sweatshirts, but when the time comes to look sharp, nothing beats a suit.  

Suit styles are always changing so make sure your suit of choice is still in style with current trends.  

If you follow men's fashion keenly, then you'll know there's a difference between wearing a suit and wearing the right suit. The easiest way to get a suit in my opinion is just visit a men’s suit store that has a tailor. While there can get measurements and try on various styles to see what you like and don't like. Also the tailor will usually be able to suggest various suits based on their expertise. Following that if don't find anything go online. Take measurements the tailor gave you in store and can widen the range of suits you can now choose from.    

Too many men these days are failing to wear their suits properly. Either the pants are too long, or the jacket sleeves are too short. Lapels are much too broad, or the buttons are too tight. We can go on and on. And we probably will!  

So, below we highlight some men's 15 suit do’s and don’ts in the hope that even if we don't change the world, we shall make its male inhabitants dress more decently.  

15 Suit Tips For Men



Get your suit measurements right. If you're not sure about this, visit a men's apparel store and ask them to take your measurements. This is crucial for getting the drop right. The drop is the difference between your pants waistband and your jacket's size. We’ve provided a link on how to measure yourself below.


Lapels and Ties
Here's a simple rule that's easy to remember: Match the widest point of your tie to the widest point of your suit lapel. Doesn't have to be exact same width but should be close. It’s that easy!



One finger rule for shirts
Don't choose shirts that are too large. If you have trouble getting the right collar, then follow the one-finger rule. If several of your fingers can fit snugly between your neck and your collar, then that collar is too big. For your torso, just buy a slim shirt.





Shoes make the suit
Spend a small amount on good shoes. The wrong choice of shoes can quickly ruin the impact of a good suit. Also always make sure to wear the correct color suites. Black shoes with gray or black suits and brown shoes with blue suits.





Leave cuffed pants with grandpa
Don't wear pants with cuffs. Not only are they out of fashion at the moment, but cuffs simply shorten the leg, a nasty blow to the short guys out there. For the rest of us, cuffs naturally tend to flop, and no self-respecting lady wants to date a guy whose pants dance around the ankles.




Gray or blue to start
If you are buying your first suit, choose a classic style rather than contemporary one. Choose charcoal gray or navy blue. This is a reliable style that will give you many years of wear.   




Pants just above the shoes

Don't wear trousers that are too long. Check out where it breaks in the fabric. Allow the bottom of your pants to skin the top of the shoes to create a break in the fabric. If your trousers lack a break, it means they're so short they merely touch your shoes. This is not trendy. And fashion-savvy guys should aim for a medium break, not too baggy or rumpled.




Don't allow a white undershirt to poke above the dress line of the neck. It's unnecessary and makes you look sloppy. Buy some V-neck undershirts or wear none. They simply make your suit awful.



No sleeve labels

Don't leave your suit's brand label on your jacket even if it cost you a fortune. It's just not good manners. I’ll admit it I made this mistake when I was younger on an interview. Luckily I still got the job and made for a funny joke down the road. Not all will be as lucky as me lol.  




Never ever bottom button

If you're wearing a three-button suit, don't ever do the bottom button. No matter how many buttons you suit jacket has. Always just button the top button and nothing else.





Buy the right accessories to accompany your suit. The color of your tie should belong to the same stock as that of your suit. For starters, dark ties are the best with dark-colored suits. Add some flare to your look by wearing patterned or colorful socks.



Collar Flare

This one drives me nuts. Make sure you're ironing your collars to keep them nice and tight. The flared out collar creates a weird dated look. I start sweating in public when I see people wearing dress shirts like this. So do us all a favor and dont look like this guy lol.




More Pants!

If you plan to wear your suit daily to work, there's a significant likelihood the trousers will wear out faster than the jacket. So it's a good idea to buy extra pairs of pants together with your suit. Also good to do while in store to ensure the colors match up exactly.



Suit For Any Occasion

Go for versatility. A good suit comes at a price, and this is why you should go for versatility. Select a suit with style, cuts, and timelessness which only means you can wear the suit on all occasions, whether to work, party or to church. Versatility also includes choosing the right fabric and color to enable you to wear the same suit on different occasions.




Suit Structure

Consider the suit's structure if you're opting for a two piece or three piece suit. You don't want to get the structure wrong. If the jacket shoulders appear puffy and wrinkled, give it a wide berth. The right jacket should have a smooth surface right from the shoulder down to the sleeve and without any creases. Getting a suit with a perfect line can be tough, but it will be worth your effort as you'll end up looking elegant. Modern guys prefer two-piece suits for the chic look.