June 08, 2018

These tips are ones that you can easily and quickly start doing. Everyone's looking to fight father time and with these tips you'll be looking and feeling younger before you know it. We will also provide you guys with links to Amazon for any type of products we are talking about. This will make taking action that much easier for you.


10 Tips For Looking Younger




Cut down sugar intake

Are you addicted to sugary snacks, desserts and/or sodas? If yes, then it is highly recommended that you stop consuming them. Added sugar in your diet will undoubtedly help you to gain weight, especially in your waistline. Sugar will make your skin dull and also helps wrinkles to appear faster. You see, sugar happens to target the skin's elastin and collagen, and thereby makes your skin dull, loose and wrinkly. Having wrinkly skin and a belly will definitely make you look older than your actual age on any given day. So, avoid added sugar or lower your current sugar intake to effectively fight premature aging of your skin. Try natural sugar or sweeteners if you just can’t fight that sweet tooth.  






Adopt a regular skincare routine

Having an effective skincare routine will improve the overall health of your skin and at the same time remove or repress signs of aging like dark spots, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Getting into habit of this is a must for any man who wants to look younger. Your general daily skincare routine should contain cleaning, exfoliating (every other day), toning and moisturizing. This steps of skincare will help you to have smooth, fresh and glowing skin. It may sounds like a lot but it's really just a fancy way for saying Face Wash , Face Lotion and Exfoliator.  




Covering the Grays
Probably the biggest reason why you look older is because you have gray hair. If it suits you and you like it that's fine. Most men out there aren't looking to actually dye hair and get that tacky artificial look and we get it. However there are products out there that can subtly remove some grays without taking all of them. Whether it’s gray targeting shampoos or even hair gel that targets gray hairs and can apply as much or as little as you like. So it can be as simply as washing your hair or applying gel before your go out to give you a younger natural look. Will put links to some products below.  




Take your supplements
Want a quicker method of looking and feeling younger? Some effective supplements to take are Vitamin C, E, A , Omega-3, Polyphenols and Selenium tablets or supplements as these provide different anti-aging benefits that are too good to miss. A simple multi vitamin would suffice as well. Anything is better than nothing right?  




The Right Hairdo
Having the right appearances is the key to looking younger and there are many other things you can do besides switching your wardrobe. Having the right hairdo will drastically change your appearance and help you to achieve a younger look. If you're thinking to yourself I don't even know what my hairdo is called. That’s fine next time at barber or salon simply ask barber or stylist their opinion. Can’t hurt to ask right? Will put some links to hair gels below that actually make your hair thicker as well. So you'll have the right haircut and right product to give you that younger look.  


No old-man glasses
Wearing glasses is one of the biggest reason why you feel that you are looking older and this can be easily fixed. Instead of boring looking ordinary glasses, try going with the latest trends that suits your face. Right now frameless or the plastic looking clark kent style glasses are very popular for achieving that younger look. We put some examples below for you. Next time at mall simply stop into a lenscrafters or whatever eyeglass store you have and try some on. If feeling crazy ask a employee for help and they can recommend ones that would suit you best.  





Workout regularly
This one is big. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week is one of the best tips for looking younger. Exercising will help you to have a toned body, good posture and overall a good looking physique which can effectively hide your real age. It will also help you to increase your stamina, energy level and sex drive to make you feel young as well. Don’t overthink it either it could be as simply as a walk after work and sit-ups following, or a quick 30-45 in gym. 8 min abs on youtube is a great video will put link below, it's a bit dated but it works! So what are you waiting for get to it!  





Quit smoking
This is a no brainer. Besides a truckload of benefits that you can enjoy if you quit, some other benefits are reduction of puffy eyes and dark circles, improve skin elasticity and whiter healthy looking teeth. So throw away the butt and get your butt to the gym.  





Changing your style
People suggest dressing up according to the current trends to look younger; and this is one of the worst advice one can get. What you need to do is you need to improve YOUR style and incorporate the trending styles which suits YOUR personality, profession and age. Check magazines, fashion blogs and men’s fashion inspiration accounts on social media to get an idea. If your thinking to yourself I don't know anything about fashion. Check out some of these blogs below and try out different things and see what works for you. Don't try to be anyone else but yourself.  




Self Grooming
Have hair growing out of places you didn't even know hair grew? Don't worry we all do. Invest in a trimmer to tackle those pesky nose , ear and bushy eyebrows. We’ll put a link to a cheap one on Amazon below. Now onto the body. Do you resemble more of a bear then an actually man? If that's your thing then so be it, but to achieve a younger look would recommend…..wait for it waxing! May not be fun but will instantly give you a younger look. Beauty is pain right? If not into it that's fine the least you can do is get a trimmer and make sure the money maker is looking top notch.