New Colored Hair Gel

Triple Shot Attention men with gray hair! No longer do you have to choose between going to salons or the ever fun at home dye kit. Lets face it both can be annoying and we get it! So we've invented an easier way. Kaf's brand new Triple Shot hair gel goes on and masks the grays in hair. You simply use like your normal hair gel and watch the magic happen!  See why our customers love our colored styling cream...... Read more ▼

15 Suit Tips for Men

15 suit tips for men   Wearing a suit is one of the most stylish fashion statements a man can make. Don't get me wrong I know everyone loves their Levi's and sweatshirts, but when the time comes to look sharp, nothing beats a suit.   Suit styles are always changing so make sure your suit of choice is still in style with current trends.   If you follow men's fashion keenly, then you'll know there's a difference between wearing... Read more ▼

Helping to Make you Look and Feel Younger One Gray At A Time

 While getting old is part of the natural progression of life, graying hair no longer has to be thanks to Kaf grooming’s Triple Shot Styling Creams. Kaf grooming is a men’s grooming company whose mission is to establish a new standard in men’s hair care. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology with potent active botanicals, Kaf grooming’s hair products stimulate, style, and strengthen the hair all while adding a note of confidence and poise to your day.              Kaf Grooming... Read more ▼